A Word from the President!

Dear Friends of Life:

I want to take a moment to lay out some of our goals and plans at Right to Life Mississauga & Area, so that you may know with confidence that your partnership with us is valued.

Key Areas of Focus for the upcoming year

  • Grow and increase our impact by attracting new members, expanding our base of support as well as building stronger community relationships
  • Engage our youth in the fight for life by reaching out to youth and young adult groups, as well as schools and school board, chaplaincies, trustees and Catholic formation partners
  • Be a resource and network for life issues throughout Mississauga and Brampton sharing information on all “pro-life” issues as well as resources available to women in crisis pregnancies
  • Reach out to our MP’s and MPP’s to support legislation which protects the most vulnerable in our our society, from abortion and medical assisted suicide, and protects our Fundamental Freedoms of religion and expression
  • Grow our visible presence in Mississauga and Brampton, through 40 Days For Life and Life Chain where faithful and dedicated people have prayed, fasted and stood on sidewalks outside abortion facilities
  • Reach out to our Christian brothers and sisters in other denominations to further strengthen the pro-life message in our communities, bringing us closer to a nation free of abortion

As we move forward through this long battle, do not be afraid! It’s really important not to allow fear and challenge associated with this pandemic to distract us from essential moral issues like abortion and euthanasia. There is great reason for hope, because Christ has already won the victory! The rest is just “mop-up” work. Once these current restrictions are lifted, I look forward to personally meeting all of you at our events.

In our latest newsletter you will be updated on key events and activities throughout the year. While these are strange times for us, in Jesus’ day, war, hatred, unclean living and disease were very prevalent . The question we really need to ask ourselves is; “how can I make a difference?”.

Join us! Become a Member Today!

If you want to make a difference, contact us at righttolifemb@gmail.com.

Watch out for the following events!

Join Us in on-site prayerful witness during for 40 Days for Life September 28 – November 4

Right to Life Mississauga & Area FY 2022 Annual General Meeting – Sunday April 29, 2023 at 10:00am featuring Keynote Speaker To Be Announced!

See Events Page

Abortion Apologetics online event, brought to you by Right to Life Mississauga & Area – Wednesday April 14th

40 Days for Life Mississauga: September – November 2021

(40 Days for Life Mississauga is in full compliance with COVID-19 protocols.)

Fatal Flaws documentary

After almost two years of hard work, Kevin Dunn’s 2nd documentary on euthanasia is ready for viewing.  Fatal Flaws features interviews with leaders of the euthanasia lobby and with people who have heart wrenching personal experiences with euthanasia and assisted suicide.  By juxtaposing the position of the euthanasia lobby with those individuals who have actually been affected by it, the fatal flaws associated with its legalization are readily identifiable.

Right to Life Mississauga & Area has purchased several copies to lend out for viewing in Churches, moms groups or just with friends and family. Please call or email us to borrow a DVD and help expose the truth.

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