Right to Life Mississauga and Area currently directly sponsors and supports the following community initiatives: 

2023 Pro-life Youth Strategy

2022 Pro-life Youth Insight and Brain-storming Sessions

2021 CPR (Core Life Response) Abortion Apologetics Training Virtual Event

Featuring Michelle Caluag, Executive Director, Toronto Right to Life

Wed. April 12, 2021 at 7:00pm via ZOOM meeting

Sponsored by Right to Life Mississauga & Area

2019 Youth Conference Sponsored by Right to Life Mississauga & Area

Choose Love!

Date/Time: TBD

“Choose Love” in a very real way, it works into my theme of Prophets of Hope.  The challenge to ‘be the reason for someone’s tomorrow.’ 

“My talk for youth is about abandonment – of ourselves, and others, at those lowest moments in life when we feel we can’t go on.  And why we need a new generation of ‘prophets of hope’ – those who will be present in the lives of others so they do not despair and give into suicide, abortion or assisted death.  How we can’t judge the future by our feelings of the present. Of course I speak on my journey throughout the world, interviewing people who were ready to give up on life through suicide (assisted or otherwise) and what happens to the culture when we embrace ideologies like “MAiD”.  Ideologies that say ’some lives are not worth living’.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements from Right to Life Mississauga & Area in collaboration with Kevin Dunn, Producer & Director of Dunn Media

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