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The Perils of Medical Assisted Suicide in Canada

Men need to Step Up and Talk about Abortion

“As a young boy, there was something about abortion that seemed inherently wrong to me.”

I was innately drawn to the notion of supporting the underdog. I knew and understood the 6th commandment: “Thou shall not kill”. I believed these to be the real truths, even without all the gruesome knowledge on the subject of abortion. As a human being, the notion of injustice was intuitive to me.

As I matured, protection from abortion became more of a moral duty; the same moral duty I have to defend against threats to the safety of a little girl, a young mother, or an elderly grandma.

Even though I’m a male, why wouldn’t I be concerned for vulnerable female victims of violence at any stage of their lives. Why wouldn’t I show similar concern for a little pre-born baby girl, or boy for that matter, who had no one to speak or stand up, for them. Why would I discriminate between any of these circumstances?

To me, and it should be to everyone, the killing of a pre-born human child with inherent value diminishes that value, and effectively provides the justification for killing anyone for virtually any reason, especially the not fully-abled and the defenseless. The age, gender or condition of that human being made no difference to me. To me, the right to life became the only logical, ethical and moral factor.

The predatory nature of abortion and euthanasia, has also showed me that I can no longer sit idle and stay quiet. I could no longer have the blood on my hands while not attempting to say or do anything about it. All the while, it has become easier to destroy baby females in the womb through targeted sex-selective abortion, up to and including the time of birth.

We have learned much about defending the right to life; knowledge, which in large part, has come from participation in local, regional and national Right to Life associations, and the myriad of affiliated organizations.

All the while, our fundamental freedoms are under attack, being eroded by various governments. The pro-life movement has made these infringements glaringly obvious. Only we, and our apathy, can be blamed for this.

While science unequivocally proves the humanity of the pre-born, and human rights ethical, philosophical and moral arguments overwhelm any other point of view, I, myself, am still governed by the “T”ruth (with a capital T truth) which overrides all other factors, and comes from the word of our Saviour. “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me”.

I am a man, and this is why I am pro-life!

Mary Wagner

The Canadian premiere of a new documentary film about pro-life prisoner of conscience, Mary Wagner, will take place on January 18th, 2015 at the John Paul II Polish Cultural Centre, 4300 Cawthra Road, Mississauga, ON L4Z 1V8. If you live in the area, please try to attend.

This documentary is produced by Polish film-maker, Grzegorz Braun, and is called “Not About Mary Wagner”.

Mary Wagner has been repeatedly arrested for peacefully approaching women inside abortion facilities, to offer them alternatives to abortion.

The Drop Box Film

Centered on the heart-wrenching fact that hundreds of unwanted babies are abandoned on the streets of Seoul, South Korea every year, this documentary brings this reality to light, and also to hope!

In The Drop Box, we see Pastor Lee Jong-rak as he heroically missions out to protect these children by installing a box outside his home. This beautiful act highlights the importance and significance of every human life that is evermore worthy of utmost love.

To learn more about The Drop Box, please click here.

A Pro-lifer’s New Years’ Resolution

Excerpt: New Year’s resolutions for pro-lifers
via The Interim, January 2015

“May we be so bold as to suggest you add one of these to your list of pro-life activities each month.

  • Write your federal elected officials and urge them to provide protection for the unborn.
  • Inform your pastor about pro-life events
  • Thank your pastors when they speak against abortion or euthanasia
  • Visit shut-ins and those in nursing homes
  • Organize pro-life events and speakers at your school or in your community group
  • Refer abortion-minded women to local crisis-pregnancy counselling centres
  • Write your provincial elected officials and urge them to defund abortion.
  • Volunteer with your local pro-life group or crisis pregnancy center
  • Respond generously to fundraising appeals from pro-life groups.
  • Donate used maternity and children’s clothes and new diapers to a CPC.
  • Wear the little feet pin, rose pins, or other pro-life identification. They are conversation starters, and we need to start the conversation about abortion.
  • Talk about the issues with your family, friends, co-workers and neighbours.
  • Write a letter to the editor about abortion or euthanasia when these issues are in the news.
  • Call in to talk radio programs when life issues arise.
  • Copy or print off Interim articles to share with people – online and in person.
  • Picket outside an abortuary regularly – onece a week or once a month.
  • Honk and show your support for others who are picketing for life.
  • Take part in the 40 Days for Life
  • Take part in the LifeChain.
  • Attend the National March for Life, or your regional March for Life.
  • If you can’t go, help someone else go by paying for them or caring for their children.
  • Donate your professional services to pro-life groups.
  • Become a liaison between your church and your local pro=life group
  • Put a pro-life bumper sticker or license plate frame on your car.
  • Create a pro-life writing club to help write letters to send to MPs or the newspaper.
  • Watch your language – don’t refer to the unborn as “fetuses” or the incapacitated as “vegetables”.
  • Sign pro-life petitions.
  • Read LifeSiteNews daily.
  • Join a pro-life club at a school or university.
  • Help organize a local Campaign Life Coalition forum.
  • Distribute “Defund Abortion” pamphlets
  • Join a political party to support pro-life candidates at the riding level.
  • Help pro-life candidates during elections
  • Vote for the pro-life candidate
  • Invite a friend or family member to join you in every pro-life activity.

…When we meet our Maker, what will we be able to answer to the question, ‘what have you done for the least of my brothers and sisters’?

The items listed above make an excellent start.”

Rhode Island Mom Delays Cancer Treatment to Save Unborn Child
by Thaddeus Bakinski, Life Site News

Andrea Ryder, a US Marine who served two tours of duty overseas, categorically refused doctors’ advice to abort her child, and put off potentially life-saving cancer treatment for the sake of her unborn daughter.

Ryder, 27, of Warwick, Rhode Island, told WLNE TV that she had had skin cancer before, but in June she was told that the melanoma had returned and metastasized to her intestines, lungs, liver, breast and shoulder.

She was about four months into her first pregnancy. When doctors advised her to abort her baby and begin cancer treatment, Andrea said this was not an option she and her husband would consider.

“It was not like it was the beginning of the pregnancy,” Andrea said. “I was already in the second trimester and we were only a week away from finding out the gender, so I couldn’t even think of termination.”

Although she was facing the possibility of less than 6 months left to live if she didn’t begin treatment immediately, Andrea said she knew she was meant to mother her child, and that her husband’s optimism and support confirmed her courageous decision.

In her third trimester, doctors told Andrea they believed her baby was big enough to be born safely so Andrea’s labor was induced and baby Olivia Marie was born 10 weeks premature, but healthy, on September 29.

“She was a big girl. She was born 3, 3 and was 16 inches long and they couldn’t believe how big she was,” Andrea said.

Now that her daughter is safely born and being cared for in the hospital’s preemie unit, Andrea is undergoing the cancer treatment she had put off for her baby’s sake.

“As soon as I’m done with radiation I walk right over to go see the baby and am there all day,” Andrea said. “I just feel that a lot of people would maybe do this for their baby.”

Andrea and her husband are hoping Olivia Marie will be able to join them at home soon and they will all be together for Christmas.

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