Submit your Membership/Donation Registration & Payment on-line by clicking on the “Submit Membership/Donation Registration & Payment” button below and complete the on-line form with your contact information, credit card number and amount.

Memberships are $25.00 for individuals ($30.00 for families). Students are free (please still complete a membership form). A Membership provides you with access to all of our programming, events and newsletters.

It is worthy to note that generous donations over and above the $25.00 membership fee, for those who are able to give, are very much appreciated and fruitfully devoted to the cause.

Please complete the form (click on the link immediately below) its entirety including your e-mail address and phone number so we can ensure that you receive your charitable tax receipt. A tax receipt will be returned to you on-line. 

You can also submit your Membership/Donation form by mail…

Submit your Membership/Donation Form (download attached PDF form or the form on page 10 of the newsletter) along with a cheque.

Make your cheque payable to “Right to Life Mississauga and Area” and mail it to:

RTLMB 2656 Crystalburn Ave. Mississauga, ON L5B 2N8

For renewals, please resubmit a filled out form with your name and email address, and any updates or changes to your contact information over the year.

Membership Renewal Form

For mailed-in donations, a tax receipt will be returned to you via regular mail or e-mail. 

For any questions regarding membership renewals, donations or Tax receipts, please e-mail, or contact Right to Life Mississauga and Area at 647-990-2656.

Financial Statements

Click here to view 2018 Financial Statement

Click here to view 2017 Financial Statement

Click here to view 2016 Financial Statement

Click here to view 2015 Financial Statement

Click Here to view the 2014 Financial Statement

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